Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Llarowe Haul =D

Seriously, the mail man must think I'm a nut case when I run out to get my nail mail from Llarowe, but when I see that brown envelope I already know what it is before he reaches his arm out the door of his truck. So ever since I bought St. George I've been in love with A England so I had to pick up a couple more just to see if it was A England the brand or just St. George that I loved so much and I'm happy to say it's the brand. This time around I bought Dragon the holographic sparkly khaki green, Lady of the Lake a holographic holographic sparkly purple and Order of the Garter a blue with shimmery blue sparkles. The Dragon and Order of the Garter are from the Legend Collection and Lady of the Lake is from the Mythical Collection. Now Dragon and Lady of the Lake have holographic sparkles and Order of the Garter has blue shimmer/sparkles instead of rainbow holo sparkles like the other two, but still very pretty.
Lady of the Lake

Order of the Garter


 I also decided to get my first Glitter Gal polish and I decided to get the Dark Brown Sparkle. I chose brown because 1) because I don't have many dark brown polishes and 2) because it's beautiful DUH! LoL. I really liked the holo sparkle I was just a bit shocked on how small it was for $14 but you live and learn.
Dark Brown Sparkle

Now finally, I got Hefesto from the Hit's No Olimpo Collection and it is a beautiful top coat and it's so versatile. Pretty much any color can be a holographic nail polish even neon yellow from Icing which I had to try out and I actually like it alot. I also paired it with Essie's Watermelon.

Hefesto over Neon Yellow
Hefesto over Essie's Watermelon

 Last but certainly not least I got Hit's Mari Moon Unconventional I love love love this polish but there is one big down side it's a stainer so if you get this polish do not forget the base coat and make sure it's a really good base coat. I love how it's a maroon that transitions into a deep grape color.

Mari Moon's Unconventional
 So that's an end to my Llarowe haul and it's not my last because Leah Ann just put up some girly Bits and you know yours truely had to get her hands on one.... or 4 lol. So are you happy Llarowe got Girly Bits?


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