Saturday, March 10, 2012

Girly Bits Girly Bits I got my Girly Bits

So I got my Girly Bits from Llarowe's this week and I am a very happy girl. These are some pretty polishes, I got Rogue, Into the Night, Hippity Hop, and Promise me.

Into the Night
with top coat and natural lighting/over cast
Into the night is a black jelly polish filled with sparkling glitters and holos it really is like a night sky. It does dry a little matted so a top coat is a must if you want a shining finish.

Promise Me
without top coat and natural lighting/ over cast
Now this picture doesn't give this polish justice, it's one of the polishes that just look amazing in person. It's a pale shimmery pink with chunks of hexagon glitters and sparkles. Me personally I'm not a pale pink type of girl I feel that it just looks funny on me, but this polish is full of promise for the pale pink lovers out there.


No top coat with natural lighting/sunny(go figure lol)

This is by far my favorite Girly Bit's it's a jelly red polish full of shimmery red and purple shimmer and red slivers(looks like little glass shards/pencil shavings) mostly called micro bars. Now it took me 3-4 coats to get this opaque but not really and thats why i like it because it's a jelly it's not gonna be 100%  opaque. This would look nice on top of a red as a top coat to give it a bit of a kick.

Hippity Hop

No top coat kitchen lighting

Now this purchase was actually a slip of the fingers, I didn't realize it was a clear base top coat like polish until I bought it and did a double take. But I do like it, it's grown on me it's a shimmery blue top coat with purple and blue glitter and holo hexagons. I wish I would have gotten a better picture but the battery died on my camera someone unplugged it to charge his phone even though he has his own outlet on his side of the bed lol.

Okay I like her polishes this is my first time trying them out and they are nice but I'm not so sure I liked the $12 price tag plus the price of shipping. Lemme know what you think.


  1. These are all gorgeous but I think Rogue is my favorite! It looks juicy & squishy & fun! I want!

  2. I love all of these polishes! Especially Into The Night and Hippity Hop!

  3. Into the night & Rogure are both gorgeous!!


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