Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just the little things

Well today has been an off day for me, my mom kidnapped my little man because grandpa misses him, hubby went to play tennis.... BAHAHA if only you knew I wish I could be there to watch that happen. But anyways it means I have mommy alone time to do whatever I want... So in Jessica terms... I didn't know what to do with myself so I painted my nails to reflect my mood...

I saw this design on pinterest and I wanted to try it out plus I felt like a dandelion today just blowing in the wind as the day went by. But all I did was paint my nails grey(wet n wilds wet cement you can even use blue that would look pretty), took my nail art brush and made a black stem and a dotting tool to make the bud(just a dot at the top), then around and on the bud I went around with my white nail art brush and made the seeds by doing little swipes easy p-z lemon squee-z-y.

 On a brighter note my Girly Bits AND Cult nail polish came in today yay and I posted my st. patrick day nails on pinterest and in a matter of 30 minutes it got 58 repins and 23 likes oh yea that polish is the bee's knee's. Omg and before I forget I found a new supplier lol her polishes are amazing you have to check her out on esty her shop is called Haze Glaze and I had to pick up Mystique and Sweet Tart and others but tell me those aren't drool worthy I just love franken nail polishes. What your favorite franken nail polish?


  1. This turned out beautifully!

  2. This is lovely! I like the idea of painting your nails to reflect your mood! Haze Glaze has some awesome frankens I think I'm gonna have to get some when I get some more monehhhh... The only franken polishes I have so far are ones I made myself and they're pretty boring... silver glitter and light red... but I ordered one recently called royal flush from glitrix on etsy so I'll say that's my favorite!

  3. Cute! I'm super impressed you did this yourself. Inspired to give it a try some day!

  4. I saw this somewhere too and thought it was soo cute. I love it!


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