Friday, March 23, 2012

The nail files- week 12

So I've almost finished the book... yay... it's okay I'm sorry but I guess there's not enough romance for me I'm a big romance novel nut. Anyways my nail of the day is It's Genius from Essie.
bathroom lighting

Inside by the window


Outside in the sun

I love this color it's a soft burgundy/wine with a gold shimmer it's a perfect color on it's own but I wanted to try out one of my new stamp plates from Bondle Monster I used plate BM10.

I only did 3 fingers to keep it kinda simple. I also got my Red Angel plates in so I'm gonna try to try them out sometime this coming up week. Do you use nail stamping? Also make sure to check out the beautiful nails at this weeks nail files too =D

The Nail Files


  1. Those little flowers are so sweet
    And the color is reeeeally nice!!

    But you never said what you thought of either the book or the movie, have you? ;-))


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