Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Simming all Day Everyday

Okay some of you may not know this, but if you play the Sims and your a fan you know today is release date for Sims 3 Showtime and if you haven't already guessed I'm a die hard sims fan. I just love the game it's a way for me to get lost in another world. I pre-ordered  the Katy Perry Limited Edition Showtime game online so I might get it today or I might not I'm a die hard but I can live without it for a while I have my son and nails to think about lol so I'm not going to rush out to the store and get it. Here's a look...

I ordered the Katy Perry one just because I'm a big fan of her's anyways enough about the sims and on to today nails =D. Since I was excited for the game I did Sims themed nails with the plumbob (the green thing that tells you the mood of your sim lol). Have a look and I will have another nail post about non-sims related nails later today lol

Pink for the Collector's Edition
Plumbob Nails


  1. OMG,this is amazing!! I LOVE The Sims! Excellent!

    1. Thank you I had to do something as I waited for the mail man or else I thought I was gonna go crazy

  2. i love the sims!! amazing nails. gotta hold your hands over your head :-P


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