Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well... Shall we?

Wow today or shall I say yesterday since it's 1:19 am here has been something of an off day it appears I've literally slept the day away. I don't know I just feel off lately DH was suppose to wake me up but I guess he just felt bad anyways moving on I want to show you an amazing polish that I have no idea why I didn't show you before. If you haven't heard or seen the buzz around Julep you need to me personally I love these polish and I love being a maven. At first I was like well I'm just gonna grab the promo and ditch it later it's not gonna hurt me to try it out well... I've falling for them yea I know $20 bucks every month is kinda alot in some cases but this is not the case. When you become a member you pay $20 for 2 polishes and a little something special unless your an It Girl than you get 3 polishes, you get 20% off of all your Julep purchases and free shipping. Honestly I'm not trying to sell you into buy it or getting a free box for myself with my link which is here is my referral link btw lol no personality I think it's a good program to be in and your getting way more than what your paying for in retail these polishes are $14 and the little something special is like $24 normal price so it's a good bargin if anything check it out. Now on to the polish lol I'm gonna show you my favorite Julep polish it's Marisa, I seriously love this dark shimmery blue and I love their pinks and for some reason if it's not a hot pink I don't seem to buy it but I really have my eye on their how you say normal pinks like susan and nicey... oh and their polish all have names like people lol. That is the reason I'm getting It Girls box this month because they have my name in the box always good to have a polish with your name!

Went a little over board with Essie's Set it stone
Ah back when I had nails lol but I really like this blue alot it was an effortless mani application was quick and simple. I did get a little messy with the ring finger that day I remember I got this polish on my son's diaper during a changing so I tried to fix it so it looks goopy but to me still pretty... that needs to go on the list of this I need to do before I paint my nails... 1) use the bathroom 2) do laundry, make bed, dishes first 3) change and cloth Roman lol anything else I should put on this list and do you have a must finish first list before you paint your nails?


  1. Hahaha I love the must finish first list, I have to remember that, seems like I always forget something I should've done before doing my nails! I love this shimmery blue and the glitter gradient! I haven't tried Julep yet, but I must, I love their bottles & that they have people names hahaa!

  2. love the completed look, so pretty! haha i always have a list to complete before i do my nails. usually like: out away laundry, eat, clean room, shower, NAILS!

  3. Oh I love blues too, and it's beautiful even without the stones but the stone finish is just WOAH!!!!! I have never seen that before and its GORGEOUS!!!!!

    That list... LOL most things I do remember, what sometimes I think I need to shave all my hair before putting my polish. As I finish putting it, my hair makes my face itch and I end up with scratches of all colors on my face...

  4. I just love this blue! Absolutely gorgeous.


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