Wednesday, March 14, 2012

They say I'm crazy I say it's love

If I didn't already love Cult nails I'd be obsessed with them even more if that's possible. I'm sure you've already seen Toxic Seadweed. It's a limited edition so if you don't have it you have to get it!! It's a jelly, bluish greenish so lets say teal mixed with amazing yellow and orange flakies.

Bathroom light..we all like taking pictures in there lol

Natural lighting sunny

outside lighting sunny

outside lighting a bit overcast
Between running around the yard chasing after my son and snapping pictures I kept looking at my nails lol. It's kind of a thick formula but at the same time it wasn't really goopy just thick so I used thin coats and this took me 2-3 coats.

I also got Living Water which is so pretty to look at, it's a black jelly with sparkles so if you ever seen the ocean at night that's what it reminds me of.
inside lighting

yay i got the sun outside lighting


Aren't these pretty I'm now addicted to Cult Nails lol I can't wait till the $5 sale where you can buy 2 polishes for $5 each(they are normally $10 a pop). Do you guys have any Cult Nail polishes?


  1. I just got Toxic Seaweed on the mail today and swatched it on my wheel. I'm excited to wear it and like you I cannot wait until the $5 sale and/or the release of the new collection (I am only interested in one polish from it).

  2. Those are all very pretty! I love sparkles!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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