Monday, March 12, 2012

I see stars...I'm going back to sleep

So I did this nail design a while ago when I got my first holographic top coat I use Northern Lights "Silver"... I want to try the gold but sally's never has it when I go in... my Sally's is kinda lacking. Anyways I wanted a design that would make getting this top coat justifiable because I had to give hubby a reason for me getting  a new top coat to go with the several I already had. Luckily I was on youtube and I came across Cutepolish's Easy Galaxy Nail Art youtube video and told him because I wanted mine to look just as good =D end of story. Well I was excited to try it because she makes nail art seem so simple and what's great about her's is she makes it simple because I've seem other channels and no matter how much I watch them I'm lost. So check out Cutepolish's channel. So this is my finished product.... I love this top coat when I need a little sparkle.

This was really simple my advice would be wait for you black base coat to dry all the way before you start sponging and it doesn't have to be perfect it'll all come together in the end =D so try out this design and tell me what you think.


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