Friday, March 9, 2012

Midnight Rider

It's an early morning, someone left the blinds a wee bit opened so yea Roman was up with the roosters. So since Roman is chomping on some pancakes I wanna show you another Pretty & Polished nail polish. So I bought this in full size because I'm a sucker for purple jellies it's called Midnight Rider and it's amazing. It's a purple jelly with red glitters and it only took 2 coats have a look.....

There are hexagon, square and little glitters in Midnight Rider. I love square glitters and it's a subtle size for some people who don't like too much of the gaudy glitters out there. I swear sandwiches in a bottle. Luckily she re-opened shop last night so if you want to take a look. Well that's all I have for this morning little man wants down from his high chair, I'll have another post up this afternoon about the rest of her polishes I got =D

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