Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do not Disturb....

I've been told I'm not aloud to do anything before I finish the Hunger Games book... I'M TRYING SO HARD TO FINISH IT.... I'm on the 3rd page... ugh so I can't write tonight because if I want to see the movie I have to finish the book and the tickets are for tomorrow and I have a babysitter and everything so I leave you with this picture....

This could be yours =D

Aren't they pretty no sense in having 2 right?
Ugh well it's getting better I'm on page 6 lol I'll have a great post for you tomorrow I promise. Have you read the book? Is it as great as the hype? Why haven't I heard about it till the movie?? There was sooo much hype over Harry Potter and Twilight before I even heard about a movie coming out but with this one the movie comes out and people cant believe I never read it... anyways back to the inhabitable.... back to the sickly sounding cat....


  1. It took me two days to read the first book, and only a day for each of the other two. I couldnt put them down. They are great books!! You will enjoy i=them :)

  2. I just finished the first book a couple days ago. Exceeded my expectations! It really is a good book.

  3. They are amazing!! I'm not seeing the movie until Saturday though. :-(

  4. Omg, Mermaid's Dream looks sooo pretty!! *___*

    And I haven't read The Hunger Games (yet?) either! I feel as though the hype had a slow build-up, too! I was sooo into Harry Potter for AGES before a Harry Potter movie was even a THOUGHT--let alone in theatres!

  5. b-e-a-u-tiful!!!

    i actually have heard of the book a while ago, a few of my friends read it back in the day. as the movie got closer there was a LOT more hype. i wasn't going to read it because i usually dont like books that most people are in love with (i don't like harry potter, i know i know). buuuttt my boyfriend read all 3 books in a week so i was convinced to read it. now im not allowed to see the movie until i finish it too!! but i am going next weekend. i just finished the second part, and i have to say i really don't like it. some parts are interesting and i like, but overall, so far at least, i'm not really liking it...but i wont give anything away :) i hope you like it more than i do!

  6. I have all three books in my reading list but I haven't gotten to read them yet.
    On the other hand, I am not going to see the movie any time soon, so I am not worried LOL

    They should be fine though, if you like the genre!
    and if you don't... well, you can still keep the CG Hunger games collection ;-))

  7. I'm giving in and getting ready to start the books. Already borrowed them from my little sister. And OMG This color is AMAZING!!! I want to add a Deborah Lippman to my collection, but it's out of my price range. So, I admire from afar until I get to win one or talk my husband into getting one for me. haha


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