Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Challenge Time...

Okay so I decide I'm going to do a 31 day challenge... I'm such a scatter brain right now, soooo much is happening I dont know what to do... which is how this came about...
I just don't know I saw neon nail art paints and started painting and it didn't help that my little helper was attached to my leg the whole time so all in all I had a kinda steady hand. You see this is how my mind thinks lol.

Anyways I'm gonna start doing the 31 day challenge on Monday, if anyone wants to join me let me know so I can link you and visa versa, here's the challenge...
Fun fun fun fun.... oh yea I'm gonna be having a little give away because everyone seems to be having one and I want to give you guys something too. I'm trying to sort out the details but when I get them I'm most defiantly going to let you gals know but just know I'll have the details by the end of the week most likely Friday, I can tell you this though I'm gonna be giving away a really nice nail polish all the little mermaid's dream of it ;-D


  1. I love the 31 day challenge, can't wait to see yours! I'm going to start at the beginning of April.

  2. Wowww these are so cool! Love the neons! Kind of reminds me of some of Keith Haring's artwork, bright & fun! I'd love to do the 31 day challenge but I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with it right now... maybe I'll do it once I graduate, as a present to myself!


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