Sunday, March 25, 2012

Butter me up this spring

I'm so happy with Butter London's Disco Ball, I don't know if it's because it's partly jelly or because it has purple sparkles that go so well with the hot pink base but it made yard work in the sun soooo much better.

In the house by the window

Bathroom Lighting

Inside natural lighting

Outside direct sunlight

Close up I lovee the purple sparkles

Better shot of the polish inside the bottle

I love all the summer/spring polishes coming out right now I'm dieing for DL sweet dreams and this kinda reminds me of the tone I feel is coming out this summer. Hot pinks and glitter and flakes makes all the girls quake lol those are words from my brother anyways moving on I liked the application for this polish it took 3 coats to get to this but you could also using it for sandwiching and layering. It's a real fun color and to add to the fun and since I'm practicing my stamping which is getting better than the first attempt here's the finished look.

I just really like looking at this polish it's fun and bright. The stamp was so so I was mostly just trying to figure out which polishes stamped well and so far beside so Konad American Apparel polishes rock both as a base and as the stamping polish. I used Stamping plate Red Angel 109 with American Apparel's Hassid (black). I'm falling more and more in love with stamping the only thing that drives me nuts besides the fact that there is sooo many different decals to choose from but the fact I have to wait for my polish to dry before I stamp so during that time I change a million times. So how do you feel about Butter London's Spring/Summer colors? I'd order them but their shipping and handling is crazy so I have to order else where or buy them at my local Ulta... which for the most part is somewhat lacking in the Butter London, Zoya, Essie, and all the other great polishes *sigh* lol what can a girl do... especially a girl who has decided to put herself on a strict budget. Anyone else doing the same? 


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