Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm NOT Irish But I'll still Pinch you

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone

I just love holidays like these... what other day will a bunch of people wear green so they don't get pinched and everyone saying Kiss me I'm Irish even though they aren't Irish and they don't have a single red head in their family? So today is gonna filled with green food colors desserts, car bombs drinks(beer and whiskey shots), green beer and beside a whole lot of green stained tongues alot of St. Patrick's day nails!!! As you know I'll use any excuse to use Lacquisrty's Bee's Knees lol.

My little Leprechaun is happy =D 

I would be too if it were raining something fabulous

Everyone deserves a pot of gold
I was so sad yesterday I broke a nail so I had to bring in the paste on's for this nail art which in reality it did give me more room I'm trying to grow them out but then I get all fill happy I think it's a habit I got into when I was going to school for Health science to be an MA(that didn't last I didn't like getting pricked with needles). But before the nail broke I also tried these out....

A England's Dragon deserved some golden scales

had some issues with the stamps as you can see lol but Iput it over light as a feather from Glitter Gal
Not very St. Patty's day but it was nice it was at Icings it's call After Party

This one was apart of the Icings St. Patty's day theme it's called Happy go lucky and its over sinful colors Irish green
Well here are my St. Patrick's day ideas are you guys doing anything special with your nails?


Lacquistry is re-opening shop today in about an hour =D see you there lol


  1. Your St. Patrick's mani is AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    hehe finally I managed to solve the blogger issue.
    Apparently it does not suppose Chrome :-(

  2. Oh my goodness..your pot o'gold is awesome!

    1. thank u, it's the bee's knees lol i cant get enough of it

  3. I love your Irish nails! the pot of gold is brilliant

  4. wow! I´m so impressed by the first photos! love it !!! love the rainbow ! you´re amazing! :)
    If you want visit my blog. kisses

  5. Love how the pot of gold turned out! I've been seeing it on a lot of people's nails, but wasn't brave enough to try it out on my own. Next year!! \O/


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