Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little Bit of this and A Little Bit of That

That is how I felt when i walked into icing. My main goal was to find some dupes because people said icing has them, well it's Claire's that has them Icing just has pretty colors which I was happy to try out and here what mama got... lots of everything I could get my hand on lol hey buy one get on half off is an amazing thing. Yea I got alot of sparkles/glitters because that's mainly what they had but I'm am very happy I found a glitter that I absolutely adore and that's the polish I'm gonna talk about it's called Epic Winning, it's blue glitter mixed with holographic silver glitter and I love it because there's so much blue glitter that mixed with the silver glitter it just looks like glitter in a jar. Here's what I'm blabbing about ...

 And it really is a whole lot of glitter you don't really need to keep brushing it on your nail to get the nail full of glitter look it only took 1 coat over black and your glitterfide lol.  Here's the mani I wore last night and yes I had to take the falsies off my nails it was fun while it lasted buy my nails grow too fast so I spent all day yesterday soaking my nails and gave them a clip.
 Don't you love when you take a picture and you don't realize the flaws until you post the picture lol but I just loved the bling and holo sparkles I have to show you the cool blurry pictures lol but I really like this hidden treasure now I wished we had an Icing in Ocala =( but luckily we have a Claire's why they don't have the same polishes I'll never know it's pretty much all the same stuff anyway is there an Icing's by you guys?


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