Thursday, March 8, 2012


I just got my order for Pretty and Polished and I'm so stoked but today I'm only going to talk about Swing because to me it's one of those polishes that deserves it's own post plus it's the only one I've put on and I don't want to take it off lol. Swing is a handmade nail polish from Pretty & Polished it's a beautiful jelly red with black little glitter and white and red/holo hexes. This polish is hands down one of my favorite polishes it's up there with Bee's Knees. I paired this with a red base(wet n wild's I red a book) since it's a jelly and I didn't want to paint so many coats because I ordered a mini, now I'm hitting myself for it because I should have ordered the full size, oh well you live and you learn I'll just have to wait until she re-opens shop tonight to order a full size... that is if hubby lets me lol.  Anyways take a look at this polish and tell me what you think...

I love it, it's like a pre-made jelly sandwich without the work lol(ooo strawberry jelly sandwich sounds good right now lol lemme stop). What I loved most about this polish is I didn't have to dig around for the glitter it was an effortless mani just they way I like it. So I'm going to keep on swinging for the rest of the day because I really like this polish I can't say it enough lol. So if you like this polish or interested go check out her other polishes at her shop.  I will be talking and showing you the others I got though out the week or I just may do a couple post because I'm expecting a lot of nail polish in coming weeks. Also Happy International Women's Day everyone!!!We are fabulous =D


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