Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shamrocks and Poppycocks

I'm a big fan of franken nail polishes right now. I feel like they get me and that they were made for me and some were even made by me(that's for another blog). So I'm in the process of growing my franken family.

I know I already have a post about Bee's Knee;s but I'm in LOVE with Lacquistry's nail polish and I'm in love with this duo Bee's Knee's with Revlon's Rain Forest and I told you I was going to pair BK with a green polish so this is how it turned out... It's one of my st. patricks day nail looks...

I just loved how it turned out and I even happier that Jenna loved what I did too. I just can't wait for her to re-open her shop I really want golf socks and raspberry toffee I'm like super stalking her page lol.


  1. Love this combo, great St. Patrick's Day mani! I love the franken! I just ordered my first indie franken polish from Glitrix on etsy, I'm super excited to get it!

    Also, I just nominated you for a blog award, see my post here!

    1. thank you darling =D I'm just happy you enjoy my blog

  2. GORGEOUS! I just love a mani that has glitter at the tips! Black + Gold color combination is so lovely too!


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