Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yay it's the first day of March

And I'm going to throw you a curve ball.... lol... I have a purple design which is actually the first nail design I did after I caught the nail polish bug that I wanted to show you.

 I bought some dotters from Amazon and I was so excited to use them because all of the nail designs I wanted to try you kinda needed a dotter. I mean I know you could use things just as easily with a bobby pin problem was I didn't have any, eye liner... I didn't want mess mine up so I bought a nail art kit it had all the brushes and dotters and it was only $20 I also bought a bunch of nail art polishes lol what can I say I wanted to do everything right. So that is what I ended up with, my hubby liked it but then again if I would have dipped my whole finger in polish and pulled it out he would say that looks cool. So for all my nail design addicts when did you start designing you nails?


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