Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's your poison?

I'm so happy I came across Elixir Lacquers, how I came across it.. I don't know but I do know that I'm seriously in love with these homemade polishes. These polishes are from Nicole at Nail Polish Wars and I must say these are some pretty polishes. I ordered 2 because like most you never know how they really are I've ordered some polishes from people and they did not look anything and I mean anything like the picture let alone the description. So I ordered With a K and Kind of Connery they are both from the The Preciate Collection.

With a K

Bottle Shot alots of glitters
Outside shot

Bathroom Shot

Inside shot
  Now I used 2 coats of With a K by itself it's a thick jelly so pace yourself with your coats. I like how sparkly it is and it's like a pinkish purplish jammed pack with sparkles so if your a girlie girl this polish is made for you. I'm kinda wishing I would have layered it over a purple now that would have rocked.... but as I've come to find out I don't have many none glittery/sparkly purple nail polishes lol.

Kind of Connery

Bottle shot
Kitchen Shot(couldn't go outside I was being attacked by lady bugs lol)

Sunny Spot Shot =D

It's soooo pretty

Can you can see the bigger chunks of glitter?
 This one is my favorite of the 2... I put one coat on top of Essie's Go Overboard even though you don't really have to because it's a I want to say a dark blueish greening jelly with 2 coats you get full coverage but I just wanted to give it depth. This polish has these thick glitters that I've been seeing popping up in the homemade polishes. They are like little nail rhinestones I don't know if I like them or not yet, in this polish I like it but in Dollish Polish  Hip Hop Hippity Hop not so much but I think it was because I got a bad batch but she's such a sweet heart that she gave me a refund and is fixing the formula which she didn't have to do. You can tell she really cares about her customers and her product.... anywho I love the green and blue sparkles in this polish I kept taking pictures in the sunlight because it's amazing to look at and like With a K it is a thick polish so take your time with your coats, I'd wait a minute or 2 before applying another coat if you choose to or else your gonna have a uneven gooey mess.

You can find her polishes on her shop, they go for $10.


  1. OMG You have no idea how happy I am that I found your blog!
    In less then a week I learnt about more new stores that sell awesome stuff, then I have in months of looking for nail polish!

    Well, since the local stores don't have much of a variety, my only source until now for decent polish was ebay.

    And since I found your blog, my world grew HUGE!! LOL
    Thank you so so much!!

    btw - these two polishes look WOW!!! ;-))

  2. I can't choose a favorite. They're both gorgeous!! All these frankens are NOT helping my growing desires to create little franken collections of my own! *__*


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