Friday, March 30, 2012

Nail Files- Week 13

My NOTD is Deborah Lippmann's Single Ladie's I love this formula it's a Deep I guess you can say bloody red Jelly but it's opaque in 2 coats but still has that squishy/glossy look .

Inside lighting

Inside natural lighting

outside lighting

outside lighting

bathroom lighting

changed the light bulb in the bathroom lighting lol
I love how easy it was to apply Deborah did a good job with this one. And of course I wanted to add a little something I added a stamp and I love it!! My stamping is getting better too lol. I used Red Angel's plate RA 119.

Spring is in the air =D Check out the other ladies on this weeks nail files.

The Nail Files


  1. I love this color!! So pretty!!!

  2. So pretty! And I got a stamper the other day but I can't get it to not smudge. Help! What kind of polish do you use?

    1. I used konad's polish for this one but I mostly use sally hansen polishes and American Apparel works wonders too. Thick polishes work the best =D what stamper are you using?

  3. Oh wow your nails are gorgeous!

  4. I want to get the stamper soon! The color is FAB!

  5. gorgeous color and the stamp looks awesome!

  6. Beautiful color, love that squishy look!

  7. Such a rich, dark red - love it and the stamp is so cute!


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