Friday, March 2, 2012

Nothing like a hot cup of Essie's Hot Coco (week #9)

Now I know alot of people don't like neutral colors and especially colors that are too close to their skin complexion but I am weird I guess I like it. So when I saw Essie's Hot Coco and my friend told me not to get it because it's too close to my skin tone that it wouldn't look right I smiled a bought it. In the end I fell in love with it, It's a very appropriate color for everything except the disco where glitter/black is a must lol and not only that I felt like the name was awesome and fitting especially for a rainy day like this. So how do you feel about Neutral colors yay or nay?

It's funny I just started buying Essie nail polish and they are growing on me. I like the colors it's just when you see some of them your like omg I love that color take it home and you have to put a million coats to get that color and then some are one coat wonders =D. Some people say just open in it the store and that drives me nuts because I want to be the one to open the magic inside lol so I get so mad when I see those signs in walgreens.

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  1. That looks really good on you! I love polishes that are close to my skin tone. I just wish I could find more out there.


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