Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where have you been my whole life???

This little bottle is filled with complete amazingness. This hand made polish is from Pahlish on esty. This is one of the things that boggles me. Why hasn't she blown up!!?? Her polishes are amazing I can't find one flaw in her formula only that I only have one bottle. But when she re-opens up that will be fixed. I found her when I was browsing through esty trying to fix my pain of not being able to get my hands on any Nail- Venturous nail polishes. I wasn't sure about her polishes because I never tried her polishes or heard much about them, I guess I was swept away by all the hype of the other indie polishes out there *shrugs* but I want to shout to the roof tops how awesome this polish is and how it puts some of the other indie brands to shame. So I ordered Toxic and Timeless she describes it simply as  a seaweed green jelly base with small iridescent glitter, large blue/lime/chartreuse hex, blue/chartreuse bars.... I describe it as simply brilliant and that's the truth.

 I know there are other polishes that are like this you know the green blue some sparkles and base but this formula is perfect. It wasn't too thick, it only took 2 coats and it's a jelly that's awesome, you didn't HAVE to use a top coat(even though I tried it with a glossy coat and a matte top) and dry time didn't take forever and a day and I had no problems with the glitter I dipped the brush and started painted and this is what I got... pure awesomness on each nail!

Inside Natural lighting no top coat

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting closer look

Indoors natural lighting

Outside direct sun

Up close outside

up close direct sun

Inside natural lighting with top coat

up close with top coat

natural lighting with matte top

up close and matted
 I love this polish so much I couldn't just pick a hand full of pictures lol and since everyone is matting glitters I thought I'd try it out and I like how it turned out. Pahlish has a facebook page too. She's suppose to re-open shop Friday around 7pm so since she's in AZ I'm thinking pacific time so 10pm EST... ugh yay lol I'm happy she's coming back but these times are killing me lol. So try out her polish they are A-M-A-Z-ING. I am dieing to get my hands on Sitting in a Tin Can, Endless Static Sea and the newest Typewritter Keys!!!


  1. I think this polish defo needs to enter my life! Loveeeee glitter polishes more than anything! You have an awesome collection of nail polishes for sure

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.


  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing about Pahlish, I own Train Underwater, Your Silver Lining, and Pianos filled with Flames. Thanks for sharing this one :)

  3. I have her in my favorites on Etsy and have Sitting in a Tin Can in my basket. I have been mulling over Toxic for awhile, and you have made my mind up for me! Thanks for the great review! I wasn't sure about her stuff because I didn't know how application would be, but you answered that! I will be buying from her as soon as I get paid!

  4. Amazing swatches! I am current having a love/hate relationship with glitter polishes... I am so over the strenuous efforts of removing them :(

    Found you through Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop, be sure to stop by my blog and say hi!

    1. this came off like a charm no tin foil method for this one

  5. Oh my, I'm in love! I want it too. Thanks for the tons of pretty pics.

  6. Wow, I am loving those giant hexes! And the color is gorgeous! Can't wait til she reopens!

  7. This is ridiculously gorgeous, love all the pictures! Interesting idea to mattify the glitter polish, it looks really cool. Might have to pick this up when she opens again! Found you through the blog hop, new follower. :)

  8. This is simply the most gorgeous glitter polish I have seen in a long time!!!
    I am so much in love!! And I am deffinitely going to try and find it sometimes!

  9. I am in love! I cant wait until that stay shop reopens.


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