Wednesday, April 25, 2012

They say the sun Rises in the East...

So today was day 10- Gradient and I decided to do a sunrise or sunset type of design.
This was my first time doing a gradient nail but I'm used to sponging so I'll show you how...

First apply your base coat... I've been using Essie's Grow faster, I use it when I break a nail and I've broken 2 from all the spring cleaning and out door cleaning so until they are even this is what I'm using.
Next chose your base color it can be any color I chose American Apparel's Sunshine state.

Let it dry for a bit then use your second color I normally go from lightest to darkest but it's whatever floats your boat. I used Model's owns Tropical Sun. When I sponge this coat I go from the bottom up that way it's darker on the bottom

Then I waited for a bit before I did the 3rd color and for that I used Essie's Forever Yummy and did the same thing.

See it's all coming together and don't worry about the messy cuticles you can fix them at the end. I chose to keep the color going with a final black layer to make it look like the ground... at first I was thinking Lion King but I need to get some nail polish thinner because my black polish is too thick so any real detailed design wouldn't work... 

 So I did a simple design with tree's and gluppy birds as you can see but to me it fit.

And that is my nail design for today.... Here are some others that I tried...

I've also been asked what do I use for my cuticles when they aren't looking there best and right now I'm using Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and right now. I really love the lemon smell it's amazing. I was using Julep's Cuticle oil but I wasn't really feeling the oil just cause it was oil but it did help my cuticles.


Well tomorrows theme is Polka Dots... where to begin so until tomorrow darlings.


  1. This came out great.. I love the color combo you used!!

  2. Wow this is so gorgeous!!!
    This is actually the image I have in my head when thinking of Arizona or Nevada. That's my most favorite landscape view!

  3. These are very nice designs! I really like the first and the last one!

  4. some unique and great designs....u have a gr8 blog

  5. I love the sunset tutorial. I've been looking up different techniques for ombre nails and it seems like the makeup sponge is the way to go!

  6. I appreciate the clear, step-by-step directions!


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