Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Take Your Nails Swimming

Hello darlings today I want to introduce you to Mahalo, an Acquarella polish. This polish was sent to me from Nature's Basin. Nature's Basin is an amazing online beauty store that specialized in natural and organic beauty products. I can't get enough of all the products that they have and even more I can't get over their polishes that they supply. They have Acquarella, Scotch and Hopscotch Kids and if you didn't know these are water based polishes so they are actually healthy for your nails. Acquarella is a 4-free polish( Free from Formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates and other noxious chemical solvents).  But first take a look at Mahalo it's a beautiful blue blue nothing more to it other than as you can tell by now this is one of my favorite color blues... But this blue is like taking your nails swimming and quite literally too.

Inside Lighting
Outside Lighting

Oh yea had to add some Bundle Monster Bling!!

I love this polish it's like watercolor in a bottle you can even see the polish looks just like water inside the bottle! I know this is going to sound weird but to me this smells like a crayon, not that I go around sniffing crayons and nail polish I was just making an educational observation, it smells like a crayon no over powerful smell with this one. This went on perfectly like it was meant for my nails and dry time was about 2-3 minutes, plus just the thought that this is actually good for my nails made me very happy. Removing it was a charm no staining or scrubbing it just came off. I am now a fan of Acquarella polishes, these polishes go for $15.95(I know a bit steep but so worth it) and Nature's Basin has 35 beautiful colors, what I wouldn't give for Prissy and Cameo those colors look amazing.

So check out Nature's Basin and see for yourself, they have alot of organic/natural products for your beauty needs from make-up to nail polish, to bath products and hair products and even stuff for you guy and kiddies.

*These polishes were given to me for an honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous blue. I'm adding it to my wishlist on Pinterest!

  2. You soooo go around sniffing crayons, lol.

    Super gorgeous color, by the way.

    1. LoL thank you and I can't help it, it reminds me of the days when I use to put them outside to melt

  3. Very cool! I'd like to try this. Curious, how long does it stay on?

  4. I used only water-based polishes when I was pregnant, but they were so hard to get off my nails even with the special remover. It's good to know that Acquarella is not impossible to remove. There are some really pretty colors on the site. That blue is a standout too.

  5. Looks gorgeous! I love the bit of bling you added, too :)

  6. really nice blue and i LOVE the accent nail!

  7. OMGGGG that blue is AMAZING!!! It's so bright! I want!

  8. I love Acquarella nail polish and Mahalo blue is my favorite color! It lasts about a week on my fingernails and a month on my toenails.

  9. That's such a gorgeous blue - I've never seen anything like it! *goes off to find someplace that sells it and where shipping does not cost an arm and a leg* :)

  10. HELLO DEAR! My name is Kerrie and I am the makeup artist for GORGEOUS-GLAMOUR and I chose this post for my next GORGEOUS-GLAMOUR BLOG POST AWARD! I will send you an email right now with details and I will be buying this color, so pretty. I just found your blog and I am glad I did. Look for that email!!


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