Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Zoya do you have an Anonymous Program?!

Okay darlings getting to the polish my Ulta in ocala doesn't have a wide variety of Zoya nail polishes maybe like 1, so when I went in today I was shocked and excited they had 12 different colors.... to me that is HUGE! My Ulta is stepping up their game. They are also having a buy 2 get 1 free deal so I picked up 6 beauties.
From the Left to Right is Dana, Nidhi, Mimi, Robyn, Yasmeen, and Jancyn. I love this brand not only for the colors or customer service which all rock by the way I love how they are all have people names okay and the fact that they are 3-free and did I mention the colors. So onto these beauties...

Dana they describe it as "An All-American rose cream. Now this is a signature shade!" 
I'm really liking this kind of color recently, it's girlie, fun and it feels like spring and summer all at the same time, application was a dream.

Nidhi they describe it as " rich red sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for summer."
This was the first one I tried when I brought them home, I love the orange shimmer in this polish it just puts this red on a whole new level. Because if you didn't know red is my favorite color even though I don't really wear it alot but if I were a crayon I'd be red, I'd remember that ;-). 

Mimi they describe it as  "royal purple sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for spring."
Mimi is one of the colors I couldn't wait to get my hands on and she didn't disappoint she sparkles like there is no tomorrow yet she knows when to take a back seat.

Robyn they describe it as " perfect turquoise cream."
Why did it take me so long to get this polish... I have nothing more to say about Robyn except it's a must have Zoya polish.

Yasmeen they describe it as " Dark blue-toned purple base with very strong red-toned medium purple shimmer and hints of gold duochrome. The ultimate complex purple for maximum drama."
When I was applying this polish my first thought was omg it reminds me of Max Factor's Fantasy Fire only she managed to do what FF couldn't be amazing on it's own. Seriously this polish in person is amazing I wish I could mail you my hand to show you.

And Jancyn is described as " Not neon but bold, not pastel but soft - this is the perfect tangerine shade."
Now this was the only color I had a bit of a problem with, it was a bit streaky at first it took me 3 coats to get full coverage with n o streaks but when I did I feel in love this is such an amazing orange I chose it because I didn't have to many oranges that were just orange and this sets the bar.

 I am just in love with these colors and there a so many more to chose from, my list is still growing by the minute. I'm happy to say this weeks nail files is jammed pack with mani's for me and this is only Fridays... I honestly didn't know which one to wear so I had to try them all... but finally I decides to wear....

WHHHAAAA....??!! I was told to do my nails how I feel... can you guess how I feel? Crazy, funky, cool, and all over the place because grandma took Roman to stay with them for the weekend!! What am I gonna do with myself??!! Swatch you some pretty polishes that's what so hope you like the colors and if you have an Ulta around you go check out the Zoya's hopefully you have a better selection than mine also don't forget to check out the other beautiful nails on this weeks nail files, so until tomorrow.

The Nail Files


  1. You made some great choices! I love Robyn and Yasmeen always catches my eye...

  2. Robyn looks amazing on you! New lemming created although I don't think I will wear it as good as you.

  3. I wish I had any Ulta near me....

    Those colors are awesome and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your mani!!
    What is the white that you used?
    I really really gotta try this! So awesome!!!

    1. I used the zoya colors and painted it on tape and cut out patterns and put it on my nail then added a top coat :) .... I wish my ulta would have had white but gotta use what you got

  4. These are all gorgeous colours!! Nice picks!

  5. first, i love all those colors! they are really awesome. second, LOVEEEE your manicure! its so colorful and fun and amazing! ahhh

  6. All look great! I love your final pick!

  7. Oh Zoya, how I love this brand! Now I feel like I need to get my hands on Yasmeen!

  8. It's a pity Zoya is so hard to get over here, they have some AMAZING polishes!

  9. I love your crazy, funky nails. When you have so many fabulous polishes, you kind of have to mix and match them so you don't neglect one of your amazing colors.

  10. Mimi was on my list too! I just got her, so pretty in the sun.

  11. oh wow, these are all gorgeous colors! i always see zoya running great promotions but i can never decide which colors to get!

  12. Your swatches just added Mimi to my Zoya wishlist! Such a lovely purple shimmer.

  13. Your swatches just added Mimi to my Zoya wishlist! Such a lovely purple shimmer.

  14. Robin is one of my favorite colors!! I've been dying to find a color like that!!

    xoxo Amber


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