Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday!

Okay a lot has been going on since yesterday where should I begin... It's a good Monday alot of things happened, I won my first giveaway!! I won Things I Love at the Moments 300 follower giveaway which took me by complete surprise since I haven't won anything in a giveaway since elementary school and it was out of 5519 entries, I won a Custom Nailventurous polishes called Playful, which is awesome because at the rate I'm going I never thought I'd be able to gete my hands on another one of Nailventurous's polish they always sell out at the speed of light. Another things is my long time friend Frances just started an amazing blog, she one of my biggest supporters when it comes to my health and being healthy and staying in shape and not only that she's an amazing friend so go check out her blog is your thinking about being healthy and just need that extra support systems to get you going. Lastly remember that 31 day challenge that I mentioned a while ago well it starts today, this 31 day challenge is being hosted by Painting Outside the Lines and today's challenge is Red Nails... since it's the first day I didn't really know what I should do that had to do with a red color theme besides for a tomato so I just painted the Red with China Glaze Ruby Slippers and did a accents nail. I chose RS because alot of you said it was your favorite polish and I agree it's a pretty bad a$$ sparkly red.

This was my first time using stripping tape and I liked it I can't wait to do different designs and see what I can up with. I painted my ring finger first with Orly's Luxe waited for it to dry completely then put the stripping tape on and painted RS on top let it dry for a bit than removed the tape and added a top coat. After this I realized I really need to upgrade me camera because this polish looked amazing in person but the pictures just didn't do it justice. How do you guys feel about Ruby Slippers? It's a beautiful red that is perfect in my opinion for the merry holidays.


  1. AWESOME!!I love this red and I am also really fond of the striping. I also ordered some and I wanna give them a try soon :-D

  2. looks great! i need to give it a try!

  3. I like that red and the gold stripes look nice with it. I think that would be a great holiday color as well!

  4. RS was the first CG polish I ever owned. It started an addiction. I still think it's the perfect sparkly red and looks good on so many skin tones. Thanks for reminding me of why I love that polish so much.


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