Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Fooling Around

So today I was feeling festive which for the past couple of days is a surprise, you see I just started my new job on Monday doing production... yea these people trust me with a power drill and a saw I promise to do everything in my power to keep my body parts and to have the best nails in the plant. But sticking to the subject I was feeling festive because Roman and I were watching The Princess and the Frog and I was thinking Marti Gras and thinking of clowns so for my Cult Nails design I wanted to do a somewhat Marti Gras with a vibe clown themed nail and here's a what I used...

I used the Bronze multi-sized rhinestones and Ionic and Toxic Seedweed.

I really like these nails they reminded me of the old school clowns not the orange fro with strips. I also love these 2 colors together they just look pretty. And for my subtle dolls I have this simple and I really mean simple but still to me festive nail design that really means a little bit goes a long way these are what I used...

I used Cult Nail's Enigmatic with the yellow square rhinestones.

I just love the silver flecks in Enigmatic and theses square glitters are amazing and so easy to use. I hope you like these designs today, do you think you'd try these rhinestones and/or nail designs? Well till tomorrow dolls.

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