Friday, April 20, 2012

Nail Files- Week 16 Blue Dotty

Well today was an interesting day. It all started with trying to get a swap box for one of my dolls Love For Lacquer, well on the way to the post office I got a flat tire... only problem was I didn't know I had a flat tire I thought I just had a branch under the car which does happen alot but yea I fall into the stereotype about women and their lack of know how with cars. Good news is my hubby's uncle came and put the spare on the car, I do know how to change a tire I just....yea I got nervous I'd do it wrong so luckily he just worked around the corner and I was only about 2 miles from my house. But the package is sent now all I have to do is get my darling Carissa's package off tomorrow since the lady wanted to give me all this paper work like I was sending my child off to a 3rd world country alone. But onto the polish!!! Today was all about blue and with the day I was having I couldn't think of anything to do and all the things I did think of someone did it or it looked like it or well it just didn't feel like it was my own. But as I was going through my stash which by the way is a total mess I have to find a way to store all my polish but as I was going through my goodies and swatches a couple of blue I re-fell in love with Essie's Smooth Sailing. I wish that I would have done this before it rained so you guys could have the full effect of it and since I couldn't leave it alone I added Julep's Marisa and added some silver dots along the two.

 It's a simple design but it reminds me of a pair of studded blue jeans. Ah I remember back in high school/middle school when everything just had to be bedazzled.

But for this weeks Nail File's I also finally tried my Misa's Pour me something Tall and Blue and wow I love it, it's the perfect blue jelly.
I bought my Misa at an online store they has amazing prices but the shipping is a little up there I paid $10 but I bought 10 polishes. 4 Misa's and 6 China Glazes. Overall I like the site shipping was fast too and what more do you want but tons and tons and tons of polishes!!  Also don't forget to check out all the other amazing ladies and their amazing nails.

The Nail Files


  1. Love the design! You're right, reminds me of jeans too! Im really stsrting to dig the blue polishes!

  2. oh no that's terrible! but im glad its fixed. awesome blue mani!

  3. Love these.. They do look like jeans. so sparkly!


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