Friday, April 13, 2012

Sharing some love- Nail Files Week- 15

Hi darlings today I'm linking up with the Nail Files and I want to share my first Zoya polish....Adina was the first Zoya purchase I made I bought her at Ulta when they sold them but I guess due to shipping and UPS prices they stopped selling them in their store by my house blah go figure this happens when I fall in love with this brand but Adina is a lilac purple with a light green color shift it's a perfect spring color and I just used 2 coats application was so simple. I noticed the green really came out in the shadows/dim lit and the purple stood out in the light/sun but outside they both popped.

Sharing the Love :)
Zoya is doing a great share the love promotion that is awesome.  Click Here to check it out if you haven't already signed up, you get a discount off you first purchase and you can also share your own love to earn free shipping and also maybe enough love points to earn a free polish so its a win win for everyone. Zoya has so many beautiful colors I'm still trying to decide which ones to get my hands on first lol. Don't forget to check out the awesome gals who are also linking to the Nail Files this week and link up your nail of the nail/week it's always awesome to see what everyone has on their nails.


  1. Love this color. Thanks for sharing that link. Totally checking out this company. I've been trying to use more natural products so this is right up that ally.

  2. that is such a gorgeous color!


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