Monday, July 2, 2012

Feenix Uprising

Have you dolls heard of Feenix yet?! I you have you already know and if you haven't you have to have them they are simply amazing! The mastermind behind Feenix is Suzette an outstanding lady who has to be the most sweetest and the most professional, business minded person. Her polishes are outstanding and beautiful and her shop is ran like a pro, Suzette is the definition of Customer Service, she knows and  understands what it feels like to be on the receiving end of poor customer service so she makes sure to go above and beyond for her customers by listening and fixing problems in an utmost timely manner. The thing that I love is she ships within 24 hours unless the order is received on Saturday afternoon or Sunday when the post office is closed, so your not waiting weeks on end for your amazing polish.

So today I have 4 polishes to show you and be forewarned that this post is loaded with picture spam I couldn't just pick 4 picture of each polish and I wanted to mix it up. So today I'm gonna show you Shake Your Tail Feathers, Feenix Rising, Flames, and Black Tie Affair.

First up is Shake Your Tail Feather. Shake Your Tail Feather is the one that brought me to Feenix polishes, I just love peacock colors. This polish is full of different blues and greens glitters and just scream out look at me I'm sexy and I know it! This polish just makes me drool.

I paired this over A-England's St. George.

Then SYTF over Sally Hansen's Celeb City

Next up we have our beautiful Feenix Rising. Now I an totally in love with these types of glitters right now and Suzette has the perfect density to her base for this polish. Feenix Rising is full of four neutral holographic muli-sized glitters.

I put this over Zoya's Cynthia.

Followed by Feenix Rising over Deborah Lippmann's Dancing in the Sheets.

Then over China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le.

The next polish we have is Flames. Flames is a full coverage glitter polish with a red tinted base full of red, gold, copper glitters with sparse blue glitters to add to it's charm.

Flames with LeChats Dare to Wear's Blood Red.

And the last beauty I have to show you is Black Tie Affair. Black Tie Affair is full of Black and holo glitters of different shapes and sizes what I love about this glitter is it's versatility.

Fist Black Tie Affair over WnW's Break the Ice.

BTA over Sally hansen's Lickety- Split Lime.

Next and Last I paired BTA with Barry M's Raspberry.

If you love these polishes as much as I do check out Suzette's Etsy's shop she has alot of beautiful polishes it's hard to choose. Also remember to check out her facebook and "like" it to stay up to date with new polishes and special news. So what do you think of these polishes? Any you have to add to your collection.

*These polishes were sent to me  for a honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. Really nice! And, it worked - I went and bought a few polishes from her. Hope I like them as much as you do. :)

  2. I bought 3 from her a little bit ago, and also got Peacock & Rising and Key West Treasure...I'm so going to do a pirate mani with that one! And Suzette is super-nice! I will be back for more, as budget allows :-)

  3. totally lemming feenix rising!!! love this post!


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