Monday, July 30, 2012

Fishnets check

You know you  have it bad when you sneak on the computer during your vacation to post a post while your husband is out playing golf but this polish is stunning ... he has golf I have polish so I call it even. So anyways I'm so into all these magnetic polishes lately because they just seem to have gotten simpler and I love it. So today I want to show you Nails Incs Piccadilly Fishnet Magnetic Effect Polish the polish that's been gracing my nails on my lovely much needed vacation.

Now let me tell you I love this polish even before the magnetic effect, it's just a beautiful shimmery gold glitter. It was a bit difficult to capture all it's greatness on camera, it reminds me of a duo chrome you see it's full effect in different lighting and a flick of the wrist.

As you can see the effects are easier to see in different lighting and angles. I love the fishnet look and this polish has a reptile feel to it with it's flakie glitter and magnetic effect.  As you can see the magnet is attached to the lid so it's very simple to use, I even  have this beauty on my toes but I will not expose you to those(I'm not a fan of my toes I have one of those crazy long toes).  The Fishnet Magnetic polishes come in 3 different colors, Piccadilly, Soho and  Spitalfields(oh how I want to get my hands on this beauty). You can buy these at Sephora for $16.  So what do you dolls think of the fishnet look? Would you try it?


  1. That polish does look amazing!

  2. i love this! i was soooo close to buying it!

  3. I was never a fan of the magnet polishes... til NOW! Wow! Stunning :D

  4. It's a really pretty colour even without the effect! A tiny tip about magnetic polish, if you want a bigger effect then use a really strong refridgerator magnet instead and watch what happens :)

  5. that is super super cute!!!!!!!!!!! i have not saw that but i am so going to try it :D


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