Monday, July 9, 2012

Califorina Gleamin'

Hi Dolls, Happy Monday(hopefully), today I have some of the most beautiful summer colors for you eyes. They are from Miss Professional Nail Sation Califorina Gleaming Collection, which is a limited edition collection that is avalible while supplies last on their web site. So this collection consists of 24 beautiful colors today I'm going to show you 6.

First stop is Two-Faced Tint. Now this holo glitter seriously makes my jaw drop it's hard to capture this polish in still shots but it is absolutely amazing with it's different size holo's look...

 Now check her now it movement(sorry for the poor quality and the fact it's sideways)

Next we have Miss McTeal, now I know most brands have this color in their summer collections, it's a must it's one of the hottest colors this summer. The only difference is it's a green with a blue shimmer and this color is in a whole different ball park than the rest.

 Up next we have the beautiful drama doll, I love this bubble gum pink with a hint of coral.

Next up we have Miss Emo Shun All, one of the most hardest color to capture it's a stunning ulta violet.

Following up we have Fan the Flames Fuchsia. A bright fuchsia.

Lastly we have Show Off Your Navel Orange, a creme orange with a golden yellow shimmer. This polish reminds me of a Orange pop from back in the days on a hot day.

These beauties are amazing, I had no problems with application and the colors are beautiful. The rest of the collection looks just as beautiful. These polishes just solidifies why Sation is one of my top 5 favorite polish brand out there. So these polishes can be bought on their site for $5 a polish while supplies last. Make sure to like them on facebook for updates and special promotions. So what do you think of these colors?

*These products were sent n to me from a PR for a honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. stunning colors - how many coats in the pics?

  2. they all look great!

  3. gorgeous colors!

  4. I love the colors, but Miss Emo Shun All is my favorite. Thank you for the post! x

    1. I wish that the true color was photographed because it is truly ultra violet and its beautiful

  5. Nice pics! How are the brushes? Had a friend try Oh My Oceania and the brush was terrible! :(

  6. I love the Fergie's by Wet n Wild, but I really, really love the Miss Emo Shun All....that ultra violet is amazing (& just so happens to be one of my fav colors)!!!

  7. Wooww
    those colours are very nice !
    I love it !


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