Wednesday, August 8, 2012

365 Days Of Colors Really Hits the Spot

Hi Dolls, how I've missed you, my little boy has been sick and it breaks my heart so he's literally been attached to my hip and doing you nails with a 18 month in your arms or atleast my 18 month old is nearly impossible, but he's with his grandparents this week so I'm all yours.

So today I'm excited to show you 2 colors from 365 Days of Color polishes from her upcoming collection End of the Rainbow.

First up is Too Pink to Function, how I love the name. This polish is a pink base with blue shimmer mixed with different color hexs and different color square(I love squares) and more blue glitters, I used 3 THIN coats. I don't know about you but this polish reminds me of the Flinstone's Push Pops with the candy inside of it yum... I know for some of you that was way before your time(80's baby).

 Next up is my favorite it's My Little Cuppycake, a white base polish full of everything that screams cupcakes! Full of rainbow hexagons and matte shards! I just love this polish it's so very yummy, I used 2 coats and a top coat of Gelous even though it wasn't needed I'm just addicted to using Gelous for my nails before work.

Seriously how she can make nails look so yummy I have no clue. She's the reason I love white based polishes because before I wasn't so sure about them but after she created Heidi and Spencer for my trading group I fell in love... so I bet your wondering what Heidi and Spencer looks like right? Well have a look....

I simply love her creations don't you? If so check out 365 Days of Color to see her fabulous nails and to order her amazing polishes check her out on Big Cartel her full sizes run for $8 and come in the coolest bottles and you can scoop up a mini 5ml bottle for $4.50. also to find out when you can order her End of the Rainbow collection like her facebook it also let's you find out about up coming collections and shop openings and all that good stuff. So what do you think about these 2 new colors from her collection?

*These products were sent n to me for a honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. wow!These polishes look amazing!

  2. great swatches, she makes great polishes!

  3. Oh they are all amazing! They remind me of candy too or mini eggs! Hope your little boy is better x

  4. I love all these colors! Beautiful swatches! <3


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