Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Closer to Fall with Kbshimmer

Hi dolls if you normally follow me your probably wondering where the Zoya Diva colors are... well I have 2 more colors to swatch for you, I ran into a problem at work I don't know how I did it but I managed to slice underneath my nail and well you can imagine how sliced fingers and nail polish remover don't really get along. But I do have some amazing Kbshimmers I just have to show you.  I have been a fan of Kbshimmer since before you had nail polishes, her bath bombs are simply heaven, I've been lucky enough to snag them in Secret Santa gift swap at work, but anyways when she first started selling polishes it was a wrap my first purchase from her was Proud Peacock, crazy thing was I received or was receiving a bad batch, see she contacted me a soon as she knew of a problem and fixed by sending me a new one and what is funny is I received the good batch before I got the bad one her customer service is A+ and I'm proud to be a customer. So I want to show you some of her older polishes and some up and coming polishes that are coming out September 1st for fall.

So first up is Proud Peacock the polish that for me started it all.

I fell in love with this teal polish not because I love peacocks but none of the glitters over powered to color they all seemed to fit together. The bottom pictures are closest to the actual color forgive my swatches it was a rainy day(gotta love Florida). But this teal polish is full of Big black and blue hexagon glitters, white diamond glitters and micro fuchsia, teal, and navy glitters, white, silver bars and lets throw in some random holographic glitters. Yea alot but they all just seem to flow effortlessly together.

Next is a wild one... Vegas Bomb.

To say I know what is going on in the polish would be a lie, I have no clue and that's why I love it. It's like one of those polishes you don't know if you love it because it's ugly or you love it because it's beautifully unique but the funny thing about this polish is you honestly can't stop looking at it. My husband says it has "it be the world most ugliest polishes but I like it, it works" words of wisdom from my husband. Vegas bomb pretty much has everything but the kitchen sink, I'm not even going to tell you whats in it as you can see for yourself.

 Following Vegas Bomb is of course Show Girl.

Show Girl is a black base loaded with show girl glimmer and sparkle. Full of Holo squares and different shade of pink glitters for that show girl pizzaz.

Next up before we get the fall shapes is News Print.

I love this grey base polish. It is full of black and white different size and shaped glitters and red different sized hexagons and shimmers. Which leaves me to say what is white and black and red all over... lmao News Print! Ah I'm so lame but it just had to be said.

Now on with the fall!!!

First up we have No Whine Left.

No Whine Left is a beautiful grape/wine base polish with blue and fuchsia/purple glitters. This is such a pretty polish it's one of my favorites out of the Fall collection. I used 3 thin coats.

 Last but not least we have Jack, a Halloween themed polish.

Jack is a black jelly polish full of orange different glitters. Since it's a jelly you may need a couple coats to build opacity so I layered mine over Milani's Black Magic. I am so ecited for this polish because I am a big holiday nut and I just love halloween and this polish did not let me down.

So what do you think about these polishes? Are you ready for Fall? So you want the low down? Well Kbshimmer's polish can be purchased on her site or her esty site. Her polish go for $8.50 and she has other goodies for sale that you just have to check out all I can say is her bath bombs are heaven simply heaven. Keep a look out for her fall collection that comes out September 1st that's this Saturday. Also make sure to check her facebook for all the up and comings.

*SOME of these  products were sent n to me from a PR for a honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone MOST were purchased by me.



    Also, can't stop looking at Vegas Bomb, I know exactly what you mean about not knowing whether it's pretty or ugly, it's just.... prugly! It's amazing!

    1. jack is the perfect Halloween polish!! and Vegas Bomb is the bomb I love it :)


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