Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Barielle's Nude & Naughty Review

Press Sample

Today I have another Fall Collection from Barielle to show you dolls. Barielle's Nude & Naughty collection is 5 natural and nude colors that makes finding your nude easy.

So let's get this naughty show on the road shall we...? I introduce Barielle's Nude & Naughty Collection.

First up we have Pillow Talk.
Described as a pale peach. It started out a bit streaky but after the second coat it was peachy perfect.
Next we have In Good Taste.
Described as a chocolate brown. A nice chocolate brown to work with application was amazing and while painting my nails I was thinking of a hot coco, I used 2 coats.
Now we have I Have A Headache.
Described as a shimmery caramel. This is one of my favorites, this shimmery caramel isn't sheer this only took 2 coats. Not only that but it reminds me of a salted caramel hot chocolate.
Following up we have Very Bare.
Described as a opalescent pink. This is the one I had a tricky time with because it's very light, I had to use 3 to 4 coats for this but in the end I really like this soft and light pink color.
Now we end the night with No Not Now.
Described as a sheer toffee. No Not Now is more of a shimmery toffee. It's another of my favorites and easy to use, I only used 2 coats and I actually grabbed a vanilla milk chocolate hot chocolate.

In the end if you already haven't noticed I love nudes and these fit perfectly with my nude obsession. These nudes fit perfectly with fall and no matter what beautiful shade of person you rock, you are sure to find the perfect naughty nude for you.

So what do you think about these nudes? Do you rock nudes?

This collection retails: $25.00
Separate colors retail: $8.00

For more information on Barielle check out their facebook and twitter to stay in the know.

 *Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.


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