Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zoya's Zenith Winter/Holiday 2013 Collection

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Today dolls if I had a feather you could knock me over, because today I have the Zoya Zenith Winter/Holiday 2013 Collection to share with you. What makes it even more of a perfect day to show you is because this feels like the first cold day of fall for this Florida gal. So without anymore yapping I give you the Zoya Zenith Collection.

We have to start with Payton.
Described as a full-coverage, galactic cranberry with holographic glitter. What more can I say but I love it! I love this cranberry color, I loved application, I love everything about this polish. Payton is a win win what more could you want with this color and the amazing holographic flake glitter enough said. I used 2 coats and just stared.
Now I give you Payton's brother Dream.
Described as a full-coverage, deep space blue with holographic glitter. I'm sitter here laughing wondering what I could possibly say about this color that you can't tell by the picture. Dream is a dream, just like Payton but a dreamy blue.
Next we have Seraphina.
 Described as a full-coverage, Polaris silver metallic. They bottled the pearly gates is what they did here. Seraphina is a pearly white with silver metallic shimmer. What amazed me most is it only took 2 coats, wasn't streaky, and it's amazing.
On to the next one, we have Belinda.
Described as a full-coverage, cosmic purple metallic. (Originally designed for designer Zang Toi / AW2013). Even thought I've seen this color over and over again, doesn't mean I don't like it, it's a beautiful color, but in end it's been done before.
Next we have Cassedy.
 Described as a full-coverage, celestial pewter metallic. Let's take a moment to just drool. How did they get this in a bottle. It's Seraphina but a deep grey! It took 2 coats and I felt like crying when taking it off.
Last but not least we have Mosheen.
 Described as an astro ice blue topper, great for layering over other hues. I layered it over Belinda to give her the little extra loving she needed to set her apart. This icy topper completes the collection to give it the over all chill factor it needed. It's fun and pretty and screams holiday party.
So in the end I'm sitting here wondering how in the world is Zoya going to top this? Can they top this?! If you need anything on your holiday list it's this, overall this gets a 19 out of 10 for me, if only Belinda could have blown me away.

So what are your thoughts on this collection? Is the whole thing as must need or only a couple of colors?

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Zoya Nail Polish – Winter/Holiday
$8.00 ea. (US)

Sampler $48.00

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