Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My September Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Hello Dolls and Happy Friday!!! Today I'm gonna share with you something I should have shard earlier this month. Yes I'm talking about my September Ipsy Glam bag! I really enjoyed last month's bag, there was probably only one thing I was disappointed with and we'll get to that soon. So here is my glam bag.

This months goodies came in a cute studded pleather bag. I have to say so far this is my favorite little bag, I can honestly see myself re-using this bag.The theme for this bag was Street Style so I see where the glam bag can be clumped into street style. So let's get right into the bag shall we?

First up is Mitchelle and Peach Luxury Hand Cream.
Okay me personally, I love my hand creams but this smelt like tea and pencil shavings and after 5 minutes it didn't feel like I put anything on my hands. Plus this stuff is pricely, for a 60 mL bottle it's almost $30! I know it's English and it says luxury but for me this was a flop.

Next we have Nourish Organic Facial Moisturizing Face Cleanser.
I don't like the smell but I love how my face has been feeling after. It leaves it feelings clean without making my face feel dry and tights and my face doesn't have an oil over load like when using drying products. I have acne prone skin so I try to not use things that irritate or inflame my skin and this has been doing a great job of just cleansing my face so I do plan on buying a full size and adding it into the mix. This retails for $13.99 on their site.

Now we have Crown Brush's Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush.
This is a fabulous brush, it's soft and it's dense where it needs to be, it's not flicking product all over the place. I love double headed brushes for travel because it means I don't have to pack as many brushes. This brush retails for $6.99 on Crown Brushes site.

Next we have Pacifica's Natural Water-Proof Eye Liner in Gun Metal.
Now this is a lovely metallic grey eye-liner that I am very happy with. This is a perfect for the under-eye for that pop of metal. It went on smoothly so no dragging. This retails for $11.00 and there are 4 colors to choose from on Pacifica's site

Last but not least we have Cailyn Cosmetics Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Love Affair.
For me this lip gloss is a winner, I would have bought the bag with this in it alone. This lip gloss is very pigmented and at the same time not sticky. It applies with a flat doe foot applicator.
Look how pigmented that is!! I am in love with it. These tinted lip glosses retail for $19.00 a pop on Cailyn Cosmetics.

So for me this bag rates a 4/5. I would have been better off with anything but the hand cream, but you win some and you lose some. At the end of the day I'm happy with the products I received and that I was introduced to my new love, Cailyn Cosmetics, so for $10.00 this bag was so worth it.

If you don't know what Ipsy is, Ipsy is a beauty subscription bag, that sends you 5 sample beauty products(sometimes you get a couple full sizes) for $10.00 each month.

So what do you think of this bag? If you have Ipsy, what did you get in your bag? Let me know.

If you don't have Ipsy you can use my referral link and whether you use the link or go straight to Ipsy make sure to follow the prompt to SKIP THE WAIT! I have some friends that are still on the list after 2 months. They pretty much just ask you to tweet and share on facebook and that was it.



  1. Shame about the hand creme. That lip gloss looks amazing though!! It looks like for $10 you get a lot!

  2. Wow, the lipgloss packs a real punch! And the facial cleanser sounds great too. But hand cream with a scent of pencil shavings? It made me laugh, though ;-).

  3. I wasn't as taken with my bag... or at least the items inside. I loved the actual bag ;)

  4. Love the Cailyn sample you got!

  5. This reaffirms to me that I need more Crown Brushes in my life!

  6. That lip color is super pigmented! I am mad that had cream didn't work out!



  7. Swooning here over the crease brush <3<3 It looks so soft, like I want to brush it all over my face just because :D Hand cremes are always so iffy. At least it has an...interesting...smell?? ;)

  8. Is it wrong that the thing I like the most is the bag?

  9. I only got 2 of the same products. The lippy and the eyeliner. I didn't really like the liner, but I loved the lippy. It would have been nice to get that brush. I did LOVE the bag, though!

  10. Nourish Organic makes some really good skin care stuff. I would have been excited to get just it and the bag!


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