Thursday, September 13, 2012

31DC Animal Print

Okay so this challenge is kicking my butt, you may have noticed Stripe day is missing.... I failed horribly so I'll have a stripe day makeup coming soon maybe tomorrow, but since I am feeling moody about failing yesterday I desired to just keep it simple. So I decided to do a cheetah print and I decided to use the Zoya polishes I scored in their BOGO sale. I used Ivy and Snow White.

What I love about Cheetah print is it so simple and quick. All you do is paint your base polish(Ivy), add spots(snow white) and mark the outside of the spot with a "C" or "W", doesn't have to be perfect in fact it's better the less perfect it is. I add little extra dots in random places too. Then I add a top coat and finished, simple enough right? When I did my first animal print I was shocked I actually could do it, I just love Youtube videos on animal print there are so many.

I keep looking at my nails and feel like a cougar, rwar! So what is your favorite animal print? Make sure to check out the other wild designs today.

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