Sunday, September 2, 2012

31DC Orange

Hello darlings, so today theme is Orange. I knew I wanted to use Sation's Show Off Your Navel Orange, it's such a pretty pearly orange, but after I painted my nails I got stumped. I know I could have left everything well enough alone but I wanted to do more so this is what I came up with.

So as you can see I used Sation as my base and then added 2 white stripes after that sat there for about 5 minutes wondering what I was going to do after that. I chose to add orange flowers I got from Sally's they are the pre-cut ones because I've tried cutting them myself and I'm just gonna say that takes practice and I haven't been perfecting that one. After that I randomly placed orange rhinestones in no particular place and left it at that. I'm actually happy how it turned out, it reminds me of K-pop nails and I'm a huge K-Pop fan. So be honest what do you think of these nails? Make sure to check out the other awesome nails of the ladies participating in this challenge.


  1. oooh i love the rhinestones, but I always wish the wearability was better with them!

    1. sometimes I use nail glue and they stick on really well but I totally know what your talking about I'll do an amazing mani with rhinestones look down and I only have 2 left on :(

  2. This whole mani is so lovely!! You are so creative! <3


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