Monday, September 17, 2012

Falling Forward: Neons

So I was doing the 31 day challenge and it hit me... I'm never going to finish and it started feeling like a choir plus my cuticles are taking on massive beating *sobbing cuticles* so my darling Kim from College Polished came up with a new challenge that is not everyday and I like the themes so I'm switching to Falling Forward Nail Art Challenge, that way I also have time to show you some amazing things I've gotten my hands on so on with the challenge.

So today's theme is Neons.... Right now me and neons don't get along very well I had to fight with my polishes and the polishes won... here's my design...

I used American Apparel's Neon Rose and Neon Green. As you can see my neon green was a little thick so you can see the overlap but all in all I used neons. But this design reminds me of Nickelodeon's Slime, which brings back memories and makes me think of Amanda Bynes *sighs* but I do like this design when using neon's, if only I used a polish that was more cooperative but the neon green is so fun and I never had any problems using it on it's own, oh well. Make sure to check out the other fabulous gals joining me in this challenge and their bright designs.

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