Monday, May 19, 2014

Celebrate the Occasion Nail Art Challenge- Party On

Today's theme is party on. So I was thinking about graduation, since I know it's coming up for some. So I wanted to celebrate and wish 2014 congratulations!! So today I used my alma mater colors, red, black, and white(yay go Tigers) and did a simple V-french tip with white outlining and red balloons.

I'm not thrilled with this mani, it's like you have something nice and you just couldn't leave well enough alone... well I couldn't leave well enough alone. To be honest I like it on my nails, but something about seeing it in pictures... maybe it grew on me?

 This is probably a design I could see on my toes and just only on the big toe if I'm really feeling the school spirit. It's hard to believe my 10 year high school reunion is coming up, so with that said all my highers enjoy it, because it may not seem so great now, but later you'll understand what I'm saying. Also for all the graduating seniors, don't party too hard but party on!!

Make sure to check out all the better Party on designs by these wonderful ladies also(trust me I already know they are better).


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