Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Watermarbling Attempt Day #3

I'm so happy with this day!! Granted it took me several tries on my ring finger but when I got it, I'm happy to say I got it.

I've come to learn that patience is key and when you want to throw the water cup across the table because your boobs keep on bumping the table, messing up the design,  just breathe and back up.
 I used Opi's Vant to Bite My Neck? Oy-Another Polish Joke!, Just Spotted The Lizard, Yoga-Ta Get This Blue, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow and Alpine Snow.
 So I think I got the flower look down, what do you think? After a crazy amount of patience, a bunch of cotton balls, and who knows how many time I had to remove, repaint, re-dip I got a design I was more than happy with and I'm sad I'm going to have to remove it. Now finished with the flowers and on to some crazy designs....


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