Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Watermarbling... Attempt Day #2

Okay so I think I'm getting the hang of the flower watermarbling look. Today I used a smaller dish which helped a lot. Here's what my end result looked like...
I noticed I get air bubbles with is okay because with my finishing dots it all came together. I hear that if you use the lighter color as your base coat it's easier to hide the bubble also but since I used yellow I didn't want my blues to become greens, I'll save that for another day.
 With this watermarble I used Opi's Got Sunglasses(my new favorite yellow), Fly, and I Saw...U Saw...We Saw... Warsaw and Alpine Snow, I also added some rhinestones.
So I'm happy to say I am beginning to really enjoy watermarbling. I just have to work on the bubbles, clean up and learning new designs. I did have a funny thought that I can honestly say I will never attempt but the thought is funny... watermarbling one's toes.


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